Hi, I am Eilijah.

I am a passionated photographer from Luxembourg.

Born in Gabon and raised in France, I moved here 2 years ago for no other reason then Love, today I'm so grateful that I took this step because it allowed me to gain personal development and learn from this new environment.

It's also here that I discovered my passion for photography, since I was helping my wife growing her digital marketing business, she motivated me to dare the carrier change. Our two daughters are my daily motivation and as you can discover in my galleries, also my favorite little models.

Before all this, I was a professional singer, I was also working for 15 years in fashion and tried myself as a fitness coach, I am still today inspired by these things, which allows me to see as much beauty in a fashion portrait, than in a fitness session. My knowledge of people helps me to capture the perfect moment at a wedding or at a family session, which brings me back to my main inspiration: Your Story...when you contact me, don't hesitate to tell me what you are seeking for, tell me about you and the things that are important for you, so I can make sure that your photo will reflect not only your appearance but also your personality.